Vitamin C in post-workout supplementation

Vitamin C is essential for the proper conduct of many of the processes occurring human body. The body can not synthesize it alone, so it is necessary to delivering her from the outside.

Vitamin C is involved in the processes of oxidation-reduction, especially in the metabolism of connective tissue and immune processes. At the same time it is involved in iron metabolism and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels. This vitamin is essential for the proper conduct of the regeneration of bones, teeth, gums and joints. According to some scientists very large doses of vitamin C help to keep the immune system at an excellent level and quickly treat viral and bacterial infections. There is therefore no doubt that vitamin C is very important in the process of recovery time. Of course, the most important source of this vitamin should be carefully prepared diet. However, in the case of athletes demand for this vitamin is greater than the average person, so supplementation is recommended. The increase in demand for this vitamin can be affected by age and health status. Diseases increasing demand, inter alia, common cold.


We can not forget that as with all other vitamins, negative effects on health is not only a deficiency, but an excess of vitamin C. Therefore, you should be sure that the body does not receive neither too little nor too much.