Amino acids play a very important role in the body of every human being, and above all a sportsman. One of the important amino acids is glutamine

It is very necessary for athletes, because strenuous sports leads to an imbalance of acid-base, while glutamine is an amino acid that is counteracted. But this is not the only reason why athletes need to pay particular attention to glutamine. A deficiency of this amino acid can lead to muscle protein breakdown process, which is definitely undesirable. Another important issue is the immunity. Glutamine is the main source of energy for the cells of the immune system, so it has a beneficial effect on immunity athlete. Some studies have also demonstrated that this amino acid increases the re-synthesis of glycogen in muscles and the liver, and additionally stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. The above advantages of glutamine make many athletes getting on its supplementation. Physical active people are currently provided with a large selection of supplements with glutamine. The sale is both glutamine in combination with other amino acids as well as mono-products. Other amino acids also play an important role in an athlete’s body, so it is best to choose a multi-component formulation.



It is very important to take glutamine correctly. Is advisable to take this amino acid mainly after training, and sometimes before going to sleep.