Injuries to the ankle is one of the most common injury. Knowledge about this type of injury is still not too large. Many people believe that a sprain and a torsion to the ankle are terms that can be used interchangeably. In reality, they are two different injuries.


Both injuries require adequate treatment, but the sprain is more serious injury than torsion. In the case of the sprain it occurs damages within the joint, and sometimes is connected to the fracture. In this situation, a rapid adjustment ankle and immobilizing it is required. With severe injuries surgery is sometimes necessary. Twisting is, however, the most common injury of the ankle. Time to return to normal activities often extended due to the disregard of symptoms and late detection problem. A typical symptom of ankle sprains are pain and swelling in the ankle. Sometimes in this area is visible bruising of the skin, which may be a sign of damage to the ligament. Sprains are classified according to the extent of the damage to stretch, tear and rupture of ligaments from damage to the joint capsule.


A proper diagnosis requires RTG photos, and often the USG and magnetic resonance imaging. In the case of any injury of the ankle, you should go to the doctor, because even a minor injury requires appropriate treatment to avoid complications and deterioration of health.