While running the tissue around the knees are forced to intense exercise, so runners injuries often occur to those parts of the body. In the case of excessive strains it may even become degenerative changes to the team of chronic overload. For this reason, it is important to properly prevent, and if necessary, effectively treat these injuries.

The important role is played by a proper training plan. The appropriate frequency and intensity of training significantly reduces the risk of injuries. The distance of run should increase gradually, because rapid changes conducive to excessive overloading of tissues. Runners must also remember about proper shoes. Mismatched shoes is one of the most common causes of many injuries, not only in the case of joggers, but also many other athletes.


Injuries may also result from improper diet. Lack of certain nutrients in the body promotes such problems, which is why every runner should rationally plan the daily menu, and if necessary, take appropriate dietary supplements. Especially noteworthy are preparations helpling to protect joints. Their composition is, for example, glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. Such formulations are good not only for runners, but also for all other people who are exposed to excessive burden on osteoarticular system.

In the event of painful injuries the best option is to visit a doctor who will indicate the proper method of treatment.